My Musings

Recursively Search a Nested JSON Object

I recently ran into a situation where I wanted to be able to search a JSON object of indeterminate shape and size with arbitrary nested arrays of objects. To do this I have put together a simple method to allow recursive traversal of nested objects and arrays of objects with Javascript to allow you to return an array of matched object results based on a key value.

Ensuring Users & Managing Permissions with ECMAScript in SharePoint 2010

When SharePoint 2013 came out lot of great user object functionality came to the ECMAScript client object model (or Javascript to everyone else), unfortunatly I had naively assumed when reading the specification that this functionality was also availiable in SharePoint 2010. Due to a lack of the  SP.Web.get_siteUsers() method I suddenly found myself in need of a custom set of helpers to manage the ensuring and permission assignment of users for a custom content management SharePoint 2010 based Javascript application.
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