What do I do?

For over 10 years I have been developing rich web applications and more recently over the last 6 years developing server side, desktop and integration technologies.

My core development expertise resides around C#.net, PHP and JavaScript based applications (and I build a LOT of JavaScript applications, I use CanJS for preference). This said, I generally hold the view that one language is much the same as the next therefore consider myself somewhat technology agnostic; the technology should fit the project, it should not be shoehorned in the other way around.

I am primarily focused around web based applications with an extremely heavy emphasis user experience, delivering solutions that are designed for the end user, not what somebody else thinks the end user needs, allowing them to do their job more effectively and enjoyably.

In all my projects I take an end to end view from the conception to the projects delivery. This ensures that at every stage the requirements are understood through continual client engagement and that the implementation is effective by ensuring that all parts of the team are communicating but still providing the creative freedom for developers to innovate.

In everything that I do I strive for a highest quality deliverables that gives real value to the client on time and on budget.

Who Do I Work For?

I work for a company called Sysdoc (http://www.sysdocgroup.com) where I spend a lot of my time building complex SharePoint applications leveraging both rich Javascript powered interfaces to enhance the natively clunky SharePoint interface, as well as underlying Sandbox and Farm scoped solutions which typically are used to do the grunt work with complex data and provide external system integration. Whilst Sysdoc primarly deliver SharePoint based solutions I have also worked with many other systems such as Umbraco and PyroCMS as well as having developed a number of bespoke solutions in various languages.

I am currently in a permenant role however I also undertake occasional freelance projects and technical consultation outside of my work with Sysdoc. If you would like more information please Contact Me.

My Certifications

Jan 2011 - Present
Microsoft Certified Sharepoint 2010 Professional Developer Microsoft, License 7765357
Aug 2010 - Present
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Microsoft, License 7765357

Who Have I Worked With?

I have worked on small and large projects ranging from working with individuals to multi-national blue chip companies. Below is a selection of clients whom I have worked with and have permission to disclose.